These groups are a great way for you to connect with your fellow students. They each have their own unique focus and there are a ton of options for you to choose from! They are listed in chronological order throughout the week so make sure to check out what's going on each day!

  • Adventuring with jesus (Ladies only)

    Morning activities designed to deepen one’s relationship with Jesus!

    Led by: Jillian and Helena

    10:30am on Mondays

    Email Jillian for more details:

  • Walk & talk

    A time to talk about anything and everything while doing something Jesus loved: walking.

    Led by Miranda

    4pm on Tuesdays

    Email Miranda for more details:

  • Greek and Hebrew Word study

    Diving into the original languages of Scripture to find deeper meaning.

    Led by: Alex

    5pm Tuesdays and 9:30am on Wednesdays in the Union open study areas

    Email Alex for more details:

  • Praise And worship

    A time of praising the Lord through worship, while also equipping students to be leaders of worship.

    Led by: Jonnie, Jillian, and Opeyemi

    7pm on Wednesdays

    Email Jonnie for more details:

  • First year girls group (Ladies ONLY)

    Gather together intentionally as we read a weekly Psalm and pray.

    Led by: Eve

    2pm on Thursdays upstairs of 1851 dining

    Email Eve for more details:

  • Gospel living (ladies only)

    Led by: Grace

    6pm on Thursdays

    Email Grace for more details

  • Prayer group

    Led by: Liz

    9am on Fridays

    Email Liz for more details:

  • Defending the faith

    Exploring Biblical evidence on both sides for controversial topics.

    Led by: Alex, Syene, and Ian

    4pm on Fridays in 1851 dining area

    Email Alex for more details:

  • Biblically Building Life Skills

    Learn to faithfully invest your time, effort, and money to glorify Him and serve others

    Led by Carli

    4pm on Sundays

    Email Carli for more details: